Talking Money Before You Say ‘I Do’ Can Save Your Marriage

It is wedding season! 

This is the time of year, brides and grooms from across Canada are eagerly waiting to profess their love to the love of their life. So much planning is involved in a wedding. Couples discuss everything from the seating arrangements at the reception hall to the last song the DJ has to play before the night end. Lots of planning goes into a wedding.

Although couples eagerly plan their wedding day, many forget to plan for their future finances. And when a couple neglects to discuss household finances with their spouse, it can lead to arguments and a devastating divorce. Consolidated Credit’s Counselling Services of Canada, Executive Director, Jeffrey Schwartz understands the importance of finances in a marriage so he created a blog post to help newlyweds start their marriage off on the right foot.

You can read Jeffrey’s blog post on the Huffington Post by clicking here.

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