The new holiday trend: Shopping on your phone

For the first time, most Canadians are shopping with their phones this holiday season. So says the one company that profits the most from the trend – PayPal.

PayPal surveyed more than 1,500 Canadians and learned…

  • During the holidays, more than half of Canadians (52 percent) expect to use their mobile device to find the best price and research products.
  • One in every three Canadians is likely to buy gifts (36 percent) from their mobile devices.
  • Some are expected to give on-the-go to their favourite charity (12 percent) while others indicated they would like to send money (8 percent) from their mobile device.
  • Canadian mobile shoppers are likely to spend an average of $243 buying gifts from their smartphones and tablets, which is closing in on what they expect to spend shopping online ($311) from their laptop or desktop computers this holiday season.

Most interestingly, PayPal broke the stats down by region: “More than half of Albertans (54 percent) and Ontarians (51 percent) agreed that shopping from their smartphone or tablet is a better option than shopping from a physical store as compared to 44 percent of people in Atlantic Canada…. Mobile shoppers in British Columbia expect to spend the most while shopping during the holidays from their devices ($395).”

None of these findings surprise, Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada.

“If there’s a way easier and more efficient way to holiday shop, people will find it,” Schwartz says. “And that can be fine – if you spend responsibly. But the sad fact is, too many Canadians will overspend this holiday season.”

That’s why Consolidated Credit offers a free four-part Holiday Survival Guide to help you keep within your budget. But if you find yourself mired in credit card debt, talk to a trained counsellor at 888-287-8506.

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