There are ways to enjoy Halloween on a budget

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There are ways to avoid taking out a second mortgage while still celebrating elaborate costumes and high-tech decorations this Halloween. And that doesn’t mean you have to put a sheet over your head and say you’re a scary ghost.

Schwartz with Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada says you have to be creative. “I kind of go through the closet and a couple of years ago, I found a black vest, some black pants, some really clunky boots and I dressed myself up like Gene Simmons from KISS.”

He adds if you can’t find much in the closet, a costume swap is another idea.

As for decorations, Schwartz explains you can get everything you need around the house. “Take some old clothes, rummage around the front yard and stuff them with leaves and use twigs for appendages. And really it doesn’t cost you anything; you’re going to be cleaning up the yard from all the leaves anyway.”

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