Think Outside the Tie Rack

Toronto, ON – With Father’s Day fast approaching, many Canadians will be looking for the perfect way to show their Dad that he is appreciated. However, making your Dad feel special this weekend shouldn’t break the bank.

“When it comes to Dads, expensive gifts and lavish treats are not always the best way to celebrate,” says Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc. “Showing your Dad that he means the world to you shouldn’t mean spending a small fortune on a round of golf, or the latest gadget.”

For most fathers, having children who are thoughtful and frugal is about as good as it gets. There is a good chance that your Dad just wants to spend some quality time with his children. Instead of another uninspired tie or typical Father’s Day gift, consider some of these budget friendly tips to make him feel loved and appreciated.

Be thoughtful and attentive – Dad’s typically don’t want much for Father’s Day. Maybe a little time with their kids and the ‘game’ on TV! Put your desires on hold, and spend the day doing something Dad enjoys.

Don’t spend money on gifts – How many times has your Dad reminded you that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees?’ Take his advice, and consider gifts that don’t cost a penny and won’t lead to added credit card debt. Wash his car, mow the lawn or clean out the gutters. He will really appreciate the help.

Breakfast in bed – Why should Mom be the only one to get this treat? Every Father’s Day should include a homemade breakfast to show Dad how much you appreciate him.

Get outside – When it comes to Dad, there is little that brings more delight than playing soccer, throwing a Frisbee or a game catch with the kids. Get outside and spend some quality time enjoying one of Dad’s favorite sports.

Let him know he’s appreciated – Father’s Day may not get the same fanfare as Mother’s Day, but when it comes down to it your Dad just wants to feel appreciated. For him, small gestures that show you care are far more meaningful than buying an expensive gift.

June 16th is right around the corner. Instead of emptying your wallet on an impersonal gift, think outside the tie rack and give your Dad a gift from the heart.
Father’s Day: Fun but Frugal is a great resource for more ways to celebrate your Dad.

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