Don’t Waste Money on Father’s Day

Survey shows mismatch in Father’s Day gifts vs what they really want

bbq dadFather’s Day is tomorrow, and if you’re planning on spending your day rifling through gadgets and trinkets at the mall, desperately searching for a last-minute gift, maybe you shouldn’t.

It turns out, a lot of father’s want nothing more than quality time with their family.  And those that do want gifts, well, sometimes their wishes do not line up with what their children buy.

Ahead of Father’s Day, Consolidated Credit reached out to national media to offer suggestions on inexpensive (or free) ways to show dad you care.  Jeff Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, is worried that Canadians are spending money when they don’t need to, and they’re buying gifts that their fathers don’t want.  Worst of all, some of them might be paying with credit and needlessly going into debt.

Global News covered the story, and you can read the article here.


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