Youth employment is on the rise, but pace yourself with your job search

There’s a glimmer of hope for young people looking for a job, but don’t hand out dozens of resumes just yet.

Youth employment

According to recent labour force survey by Statistics Canada, youth employment for ages 15 to 24 rose by 32,600, compared to other demographics.

However, the survey also found the unemployment rate of the group remained at 13.6 per cent because more youth were entering the job market.

CIBC economist Benjamin Tal cautions although youth employment numbers are on the rise, the quality of jobs available is lowering.

British Columbia (2.7 per cent), Quebec (2 per cent), Ontario (1.74 per cent) and New Brunswick (1 per cent) saw the highest rates for job employment.

Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, says when youth are considering jobs, keep these things in mind:

1. “Be patient.” Most youth are spending two months on average looking for jobs. If you’re starting your job hunt, don’t expect a job right away.

2. “Be prepared and accurate.” Have your application checked over before submitting it around town to make sure a grammar or spelling error doesn’t result in your application being thrown in the trash. Also make sure you’re ready for the interviewing, testing out practice questions or participating in mock interviews.

3. “Don’t be afraid to try for higher positions.” If a job is asking for more than three years and you have two, don’t hesitate to apply. Depending on what experience you have and the cover letter you write, it could still get you an interview.

When you’re searching for a job, being able to budget and pay for bills can be tough. Consolidated Credit has several budgeting tools to help you figure out the best way to pay those bills while you continue your search.

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