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Surviving a Layoff

Losing a job is one of life’s most stressful events. There are both practical and emotional impacts to losing a job. On the practical side, you are faced with how you will pay your bills and find a new job. This booklet is prepared to help you with these kind of problems.

Vacation Budgeting

Everyone needs a break now and then. But when your holiday leaves you with a stack of bills you can’t pay, it’s hardly relaxing! This guide is designed to help you plan a holiday that will leave you great memories, not excessive debt.

Cutting Car Costs

People pay a tremendous amount of money for a new vehicle and consumers are stretching out their loans to an average of over 62 months – just over five years. Over that 5-year period finance charges can be astronomical. This booklet reviews how consumers can save money when buying a car and details what common mistakes to avoid.

Financial Strategies for Single Parents

For most single parents, it’s more important than ever to have a spending plan and to make sure you are setting aside money for emergency savings. This booklet educates single parents on ways they can save and provide for their children.

Money Savers for New Parents

The Money Savers for new Parents guide is designed to save parents time, money, and give guidance on issues affecting raising children in today’s environment.

Save Energy Save Money

This guide includes tips for cutting energy costs in your home. With changes, you may be able to save a little money, or perhaps even cut your energy costs in half! Best of all, many of the tips in this booklet won’t cost you a penny.

Savings and Chequing

The Savings and Chequing booklet shows you some places and ways to save your money.

How to Shop Smart and Save

The How to Shop Smart and Save booklet contains solid, everyday money saving advice. It includes tips on how to save money when traveling, buying or leasing an automobile, buying insurance, major appliances, utilities and more.

TAXES: Save Money, Solve Problems

At Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc. we often hear questions and concerns about taxes from the consumers we counsel. The Taxes: Save Money,Solve Problems booklet covers five tax topics that come up frequently.

Talking to Your Kids about Money

If you were lucky, you may have had parents who talked openly about money with you, and perhaps even showed you how to earn and save money. This guide helps parents talk to their children about smart money management and the value of money.

Death of Your Spouse

Losing a spouse is a very stressful event and usually, the last thing on a person’s mind is getting their financial situation organized. This booklet is designed to show you the financial steps to take after the death of your spouse.

Divorce and Your Credit

This publication addresses credit issues people need to consider before and during divorce proceedings to avoid a financial disaster and helps consumers get their financial house in order.

The Wedding Planner

This is the ultimate wedding savings guide. It helps the bride and groom decide what is really important when planning their ceremony, reception, and future. It provides the average cost of items nationally, so consumers can compare.

When Love, Marriage, and Money Come Together

Unfortunately, many newly-married couples start their new lives strapped with debt. Some bring their own debts with them to the marriage; others start racking up credit card bills as they plan their weddings and honeymoons together.

Avoiding Foreclosure

Falling behind on your bills can be very stressful, but falling behind on your mortgage can be downright frightening. The thought of losing your home may be so overwhelming that you try to avoid even thinking about it. But that’s never the best approach.

Buying a Home

The home buying process can be very intimidating especially if you don’t know where to start. This educational booklet is a combination of information from Consolidated Credit and the government of Canada to get you started on the road to making one of the biggest and most important purchases of your life.

Holiday Survival Guide

No matter how much people love the holidays or how well they’ve planned, many people find themselves frazzled at some point. This publication can help them spend some time thinking about what they really want, and create a plan for how they want to spend their time, energy and money.

Planning Your Golden Years

This publication guides consumers to take time for retirement planning so their future will be more secure. This document also highlights financial concerns to consider when living on a fixed income to avoid becoming troubled with debt.

Credit in a New Country

Establishing good credit is often frustrating for those who are new to this country and don’t understand how the system works. Establishing credit is a critical component for financial survival. Use this booklet to guide you through the basics of developing credit in this country.

Identity Theft

This publication discusses the fastest growing federal crime in the country and provides steps one can take to minimize the chances of personal information being stolen and used by a thief. This brochure is organized into checklists you can use to put these ideas into practice.