Top 10 Financial Literacy Habits

Following the financial literacy habits shown on this infographic can keep you fiscally fit. Unfortunately, they don’t teach many of these money management skills in high school. Simple cornerstones of financial knowledge, such as making a plan for retirement or the basics of interest rates get neglected.

Without the proper financial education, many Canadians do not gain the skills to save and invest, set financial goals, or use credit cards wisely.

Instead of building wealth, we end up with student loans, credit debt, and a cycle of poor financial decisions.

Aside from opening a savings account, Canadians lack the financial literacy skills they need to succeed. Thankfully, November is Financial Literacy Month. On this, the 10th anniversary of the event, our infographic showcasing the Top 10 Financial Literacy Habits can help you become more confident when handling your personal finances.

Financial Literacy Best Practices

The Top 10 Habits You Need To Achieve Financial Wellness

If handling money and staying out of dent isn’t your strong suit, you’re in luck. This month is all about gaining the awareness and knowledge you need to get out of debt. Otherwise, this month can teach you new ways to handle money, invest, and more. Review our list of habits that can help you achieve financial success.

  1. Set Goals

    1. How to Save Money with SMART Goals

  2. Make a Budget

    1. Budgeting Made Easy

  3. Automate

    1. How to avoid pitfalls of automatic payments

  4. Seek Financial Planning Professionals

    1. Financial Planners

  5. Make Saving A Habit

    1. How to Maintain a Healthy Savings Mix

  6. Pay More Than the Minimum

    1. What is wrong with minimum payments

  7. Use Credit To Your Advantage

    1. How to Use Your Credit Wisely

  8. Invest

    1. Investing basics: How to get started

  9. Review Your Credit Report

    1. Understanding Your Credit Report

  10. Safeguard Against Fraud

    1. Identity Theft



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