University & Student Debt

Build a bright future without debt or credit problems

If you want to go to university or college, it is likely going to cost you. Aside from tuition fees, books and supplies, you may have other things to worry about like living expenses and food. Even if you are staying at home, you will be adding a financial burden on yourself and your family.

While university and college are supposed to set students up for financial success, there are plenty of ways to fall into debt traps that can ruin your credit or leave you financially unsteady when you are just starting out.

If you or your children’s university or college years are causing debt problems, we can help. Call Consolidated Credit today at 1-888-294-3130 and ask for a free debt evaluation from a trained credit counsellor or request a Free Debt Analysis online.

Affording College or University

Getting a post-secondary education is expensive. Rising tuition fees have led many students to take out loans and fall into debt. Whether you are funding your children’s 4-year education, or funding your own way through school, you are going to face financial challenges along the way.

To help you avoid the crushing student loan debt that thousands of Canadians experience each year, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to covering education costs and making university or college affordable.

Budgeting 101 for College Students

While university and college is a great investment for your future, rising tuition fees and living expenses cause money problems for many Canadian students while they are in school. The first step is to learn how to budget properly to ensure that money problems don’t affect your ability to focus on studying.

In an effort to help out our future leaders avoid as much financial stress as possible, Consolidated Credit has compiled our best financial advice for university and college students.

Student Loans and Your Credit

Taking out federal or provincial loans doesn’t necessarily require good credit. However, how long you take to pay back your loans can have an impact on your financial outlook. If you pay on time, you can build credit starting right after you finish school, but if you run into problems, you could really hurt your credit score.

Learn the ups and downs of how loan repayments affect your credit score, and find great tips to ensure that you don’t run into problems paying off your debt.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance Plans

In a perfect world, Canadian university and college graduates would have a high paying career waiting for them after their post-secondary education. In reality, however, many Canadian graduates have difficulty finding work, leading to struggles in making monthly loan repayments.

Read about plans in place to help people like you who are struggling to make loan repayments. A number of national and provincial debt relief assistance programs are available to help you through your troubles.