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What Are the Benefits of Credit Counselling?

Many are unaware of the great benefits of credit counselling. When dealing with the challenges of debt, no question that there is a benefit to seeking help. You don’t have to do this alone!... Read full article >>

Can Credit Card Consolidation Affect Credit Score?

You may already be aware that one of the most effective ways to pay down your credit cards is to consolidate them. But does credit card consolidation affect credit score?... Read full article >>

Tips for a Financially Secure Retirement

Use our free credit card interest calculator to find out how much your debt is costing you each month. What is a credit card interest calculator? It’s a great tool that will help you understand minimum payments, calculate your total interest charges and see the impact making extra debt payments can make.... Read full article >>

Using a balance transfer to consolidate your debt

A balance transfer is an option for consolidating your debt. But does it work? It really depends on you and your situation. Here are some tips and what you need to know.... Read full article >>

How to Set Up a Monthly Budget That Works

It doesn’t matter if your goal is getting out of debt, saving up for a purchase or simply balancing your chequebook. The best approach is to establish a monthly budget and here's how to set one up that works!... Read full article >>

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Consolidated Credit Canada has helped over 1 million people find debt relief! Contact us today for credit counselling and debt consolidation services. Call 1-844-402-3073 to speak to a trained credit counsellor today!... Read full article >>

What is An Average Credit Score?

What is an average credit score? That’s a question I hear over and over again when presenting our financial literacy programs. Well, your generation and its spending habits may have more to do with it than you realize. Lets have a look at some numbers for Canada.... Read full article >>

What Are the Benefits of Debt Management?

A debt management program offer many benefits, but it isn’t necessarily the right solution for everyone. Before you decide which path towards becoming debt-free is for you, understand how a debt management program works and if the benefits of debt management make sense given your financial situation.... Read full article >>

Recommended Budget Percentages to Stay Debt Free

There aren’t any “official rules” on how to allocate your budget percentages, but it can be helpful to understand some of the factors that may influence your eventual budget. Before you allocate your budget percentages, here are some things you should consider.... Read full article >>

The True Cost of Debt

The cost of debt to your health is very high. Is it worth it? The longer you wait to pay down your debt, the more it will cost you. Here are some tips on dealing with the cost of debt.... Read full article >>

Don’t let student loan debt delay your life goals

When you have a lot of student loan debt, you end up delaying other life milestones too, like purchasing a house or a car or even having a family. There are long-term implications for your financial future in financing your education today. Find out what they are!... Read full article >>

How can I achieve financial security?

If you are struggling with debt, financial security may seem like a faraway dream. Truth be told though, financial security is within reach for all of us. All it takes is becoming financially literate, developing a plan and sticking to it for the long term.... Read full article >>

Good Debt Advice

The good debt advice here is to ask for help and to consult professionals to help you determine what the right course of action for you is. Debt options are largely personal, based on an individual’s financial circumstances, so it’s wise to discuss your options with a financial professional that you trust.... Read full article >>

Advantages and Disadvantages of Credit

When credit is mismanaged, that is how debt problems occur. To avoid this from happening to you, take some time to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of credit, to make sure that you leverage the advantages and don’t incur financial damage because of the disadvantages.... Read full article >>

All About Consumer Credit

With Canadian households the most indebted that they’ve ever been, you have to wonder how we accumulated so much consumer credit. Have you ever wondered how it is that we got to this state?... Read full article >>


Can Consolidated Credit help you find credit card debt relief? Reviews for Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, brought to you by Trustpilot.... Read full article >>

Debt Management 101

Wondering if and why you should consider a debt management program and how it works? Read our debt management 101 article to find out more. Ready to enjoy debt freedom? Call one of our trained credit counsellors at 1-844-402-3073 today.... Read full article >>

Learning to Budget 101: Guide to Getting Out of Debt

If you're serious about getting out of debt, read our Budget 101 article to learn this important skill. Not having a budget is one of the most common reasons why people end up with debt problems in the first place! Ready to enjoy debt freedom? Call us at 1-844-402-3073 to speak to a credit counsellor today!... Read full article >>

Line of credit vs credit card: Which one should I use?

The line of credit vs credit card debate: Which one should you use? You need to keep in mind what you want the credit card or line of credit for and the pros and cons of each. Read to find out more! Ready to enjoy debt freedom? Call us at 1-844-402-3073 to speak to a trained credit counsellor today!... Read full article >>

Are Credit Card Debts Written off on Death?

Wondering, are Credit Card Debts Written off on Death? Ready to enjoy debt freedom? Debts are not inherited but there are some exceptions where they're not written off. Read our answer for more detail! Give us a call at 1-844-402-3073 to speak to a trained credit counsellor today!... Read full article >>