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Credit Card Debt Advice

We explain five reasons why a certified credit counselor is your best resource for free expert credit card debt advice so you can find a path to stability.... Read full article >>

Credit Counselling FAQ

Frequently asked questions about credit counselling... Read full article >>

A Debt Management Program and Your Credit

Learn how your credit will be affected by a debt management program and how you can benefit from free advice from a trained credit professional.... Read full article >>

How Trained Credit Counsellors Can Help You

It is possible to tackle debts on your own, but the process can be arduous. Find out how a trained credit counsellor can guide you to financial freedom.... Read full article >>

Your Consumer Credit Rights

The Canadian government protects consumers from unethical credit collection practices. Know your rights when getting out of debt.... Read full article >>

Credit Card Negotiations

Negotiating with creditors on your own can be tough. Here is how you can make it easier.... Read full article >>

Credit Counselling Session

Credit counselling helps determine the best solutions to get out of debt. Learn what to expect from your first credit counselling session.... Read full article >>

Deciding When to Give a Credit Card to your Teen

Credit card debt can be a slippery slope for teenagers. Learn what your teen needs to know about credit card budgeting and spending.... Read full article >>


When used properly, credit can be a valuable tool to build your financial profile; when used improperly, it can lead to trouble... Read full article >>

Understanding Your Credit Score

Regarding your finances, credit scores are some of the most important numbers you have.If you're concerned about your score, here are some tips on understanding it.... Read full article >>

Credit Card Debt FAQ

Do you have questions about credit card debt? Our Credit Card FAQ section is intended to help you find answers to common inquiries.... Read full article >>

10 Common Questions About Consolidated Credit

Top questions Consolidated Credit receives regarding our debt counselling and credit consolidation services. Ready to enjoy debt freedom? Call us at 1-888-287-3073 to speak to a credit counsellor today!... Read full article >>

Credit Repair

Repairing credit doesn't have to be difficult. Use these steps to analyze your credit report and dispute mistakes that may damage your credit score.... Read full article >>

Credit in a New Country

When you move to a new country, it's important to understand how the financial system works in your new home in order to establish good credit... Read full article >>

Impact Credit Score

Not paying your monthly statement on your credit card can negatively affect your credit score. Learn how to check and improve your credit score.... Read full article >>

Rebuild Your Credit

If your credit score causes you stress, it often means you are carrying too much debt. Learn how to fix your credit ranking... Read full article >>

Credit On Campus

Executive Director Jeffrey Schwartz helps a first time credit user to understand how credit scores and credit reports differ and how to build good credit.... Read full article >>

How Do I Know If My Credit Is Good

How do you know if you have good credit? Good credit is key to your financial success, but what really counts as a good credit score?... Read full article >>

Credit Cards

Credit cards can often be a useful part of a successful financial strategy, but when used the wrong way credit can cause serious financial hardship.... Read full article >>

How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt in Canada

It's important to take control of your finances! Here are some tips on how to get out of credit card debt in Canada and enjoy a life of debt freedom.... Read full article >>