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Rebuilding Credit

Executive Director Jeffrey Schwartz helps you understand how the process to re-establish credit and build a good credit score after dealing with debt.... Read full article >>

Decoding Your Credit Card Statement

Credit card statements can be confusing - this article will help you understand the fine print on your credit card statement... Read full article >>

Credit Counselling Session

Learn what to expect from your first credit counselling session, whether you call to speak with a credit counsellor directly or submit the request online.... Read full article >>

Credit Fraud

With so many cases in the news these days, it's easy to fall prey to scare tactics, but how concerned should you really be about protecting your credit?... Read full article >>

Credit Repair 101

Have you been turned down for a loan because your credit score is too low? No matter why your credit is damaged, taking steps to repair it is an important decision.... Read full article >>

Credit application turned down because of debt problems? Your next steps

If you’ve been turned down for credit, there’s a reason why. Until you take steps to rectify that reason, it is unlikely that you’ll get a different result. Ready to enjoy debt freedom? Call us at 1-888-287-3073 to speak to a credit counsellor today!... Read full article >>

Beware of bad credit loans

If you’ve been turned down by traditional lenders and are in need of money, it can be tempting to hop online and search out other solutions. Before you sign up… Read full article

How your credit score is calculated

If you're applying for credit, you need a good credit score in order to qualify, but do you know how your credit score is actually calculated?... Read full article >>

Get deductions on improvements with home renovation tax credits

For home renovations, locate a reputable contractor, set a budget and research on which improvements can make you eligible for home renovation tax credits.... Read full article >>

Canadians have fewer credit cards, more debt!

A new report says Canadians have fewer credit cards, this may be good news however they're racking up record levels of debt on the cards they have.... Read full article >>

What do you know about your credit score?

Consolidated Credit explains everything you need to know about your credit score.... Read full article >>

Millennials and credit: They have the right idea

A recent BMO survey discovered millennials have good spending and savings habits; better than other generations.... Read full article >>

Tips for new Canadians to build good credit

Consolidated Credit provides tips to help new Canadians establish a good credit history in Canada.... Read full article >>

Canadians choose to say no to credit cards

Many Canadians are learning how to be responsible with non-mortgage debt says Equifax Canada survey.... Read full article >>

Canadians who struggle with debt, use credit to manage their expenses

The most vulnerable Canadians are drowning in debt so much so the national average debt levels increased by almost three per cent in Q1 2016.... Read full article >>

Ditch your wallet, Apple Pay will soon replace your credit card

With Apple Pay being accepted as a form of payment by many financial institutions, many Canadians can shop without their wallets.... Read full article >>

Important tax credits to not forget about

Don't leave money on the table in the form of unused tax credits. Make use of the available tax credits and maximize your potential tax refund.... Read full article >>

Black Friday Shopping on Credit: A Bad Idea

Canadians are eager to snap up discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what happens if they pay with credit with no plans to pay it back?... Read full article >>

Canadians Turning to Credit Counselling

With debt on the rise, and the Albertan job numbers on the decline, many have been turning to Consolidated Credit for help.... Read full article >>

We Deserve Credit!

Despite constant concerns about household debt from the Bank of Canada, a new study shows that Canadians are taking big steps toward paying down their mortgages, at record rates.... Read full article >>