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Classes, Keggers, and Student Credit Cards?

September is a time when university and college campuses are buzzing with new and returning students. But they are also buzzing with credit card companies, set up on campus with the hopes of hooking new customers.... Read full article >>

August report shows huge private sector job loss

The Canadian economy had a net loss of 11,000 jobs in August. Buried in those numbers was a loss of 111,000 private-sector jobs. Consolidated Credit has some advice on how you can brace yourself for a period of unemployment.... Read full article >>

Protect yourself from credit card fraud

Home Depot announced that they are investigating a possible breach in credit card data in US and Canadian locations. Consolidated Credit offers some warnings and some tips about how you can protect yourself against fraud.... Read full article >>

Got Bad Credit? High interest loans just a click away with mobile apps.

Consolidated Credit speaks with The National Post about the increased use of mobile apps for short-term loans... Read full article >>

Are You a Tax Fool? use you tax credits wisely

Consolidated Credit helps you laugh all the way to the bank by making the most of your tax refund.... Read full article >>

What’s Your Credit Score Number?

Your credit scores are some of the most important numbers you have as a consumer. Consolidated Credit helps you understand what goes into a credit score and what steps you can take to improve your credit scores to build a better financial outlook.... Read full article >>

Credit card no-nos for students

Consolidated Credit offers tips to students heading to university of how to avoid credit card debt traps that can lead to a mountain of credit card debt by graduation. Learn how to start using credit the right way to achieve financial success.... Read full article >>

Why you need a positive credit history

If you're looking for financial solutions, Consolidated Credit can help you take first step by reducing your debt and provide a way for you to create a bright financial future moving forward.... Read full article >>

Canadians are putting away their credit cards!

The latest Household Credit Analysis Report shows more Canadians are pursuing better money management solutions for their credit card debt and other financial issues through methods such as debt consolidation.... Read full article >>

Debt Settlement

If you’ve exhausted every other option for debt relief, debt settlement may be the best path to avoid bankruptcy, just understand the credit risks.... Read full article >>

Debt Consolidation vs Debt Settlement

We compare two common credit card debt solutions so you can decide which debt relief option is right for your budget, credit and financial situation. Read for more on the Debt Consolidation vs Debt Settlement debate.... Read full article >>

15 Tips for Crafting a Free Debt Management Plan

Consolidated Credit’s certified credit counselling team helps you craft a free debt management plan with 15 practical tips for crafting an effective debt management plan.... Read full article >>

Debt Management vs. Debt Settlement

We compare debt management vs debt settlement side by side to see how each program works and how they impact your budget and credit as you seek debt relief.... Read full article >>

What is a debt management program?

We provide a simple, straight-forward definition to answer the question of, “Exactly what is a debt management program?” and how it provides debt relief.... Read full article >>

Benefits of a Debt Management Program

Learn the six advantages offered by consolidating credit card debt with a DMP. Understand debt management program benefits to see if a DMP is right for you.... Read full article >>

What to Expect from Your 1st Session

Learn what to expect during your first credit counseling session. We'll also let you know what to expect after the first counseling session once you enroll.... Read full article >>

The Three C’s

Learn about the 3 C’s of credit worthiness so you can understand how creditors assess your ability to borrow and repay your debt effectively.... Read full article >>

The Key to Effective Debt Management

Learn how to prioritize debt and structure your budget so you can craft a personal debt management plan that helps you reach zero faster with lower costs.... Read full article >>

Debt Consolidation Loans

We explain the ins and outs of using a debt consolidation loan to consolidate your bills into one low interest payment that’s easier on your budget.... Read full article >>

Debt Consolidation

Get help with debt consolidation in Canada with Consolidated Credit Counselling Services of Canada's credit consolidation services. Call us today to speak to a trained credit counsellor!... Read full article >>