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Debt Crisis

You can only delay the inevitable for so long before debt problem catch up to you. Executive Director Jeff Schwartz helps a borrower in crisis.... Read full article >>

Understanding Bankruptcy

You might be considering bankruptcy if you are out of debt-relief options, but it's important that you know the disadvantages that are involved.... Read full article >>

Financial Terms

In this section, you'll find definitions for commonly used terms related to credit and debt. Understanding these terms will help you to make more informed decisions.... Read full article >>

The Collection Agencies Act and Your Rights

The Collection Agencies Act protects Canadian consumers against harassing and abusive collection practices when consumers are having problems with debt.... Read full article >>

Debt Settlement Consumer Proposal

Learn the difference between a consumer proposal and debt settlement so you can choose the best option to settle your debts. For debt relief services, call Consolidated Credit Canada today.... Read full article >>

Cosigning For Your Kids

Executive Director Jeff Schwartz helps parents understand the risks involved in co-signing on student loans for your kids and the impact it can have on your credit.... Read full article >>

Financial Infidelity

Executive Director Jeffrey Schwartz addresses issues of financial infidelity and what you can do if you find out your spouse has hidden credit cards.... Read full article >>


When faced with credit card debt, a debt management program provides debt relief solutions to improve finances and avoid bankruptcy.... Read full article >>

Financial Advice

Gain access to the best financial advice through our personal finance articles. Ready to enjoy debt freedom? Call us at 1-888-287-3073 to speak to a credit counsellor today!... Read full article >>

Gamble Away Savings

Gambling addiction doesn't just affect you, it can leave your loved ones in a bind, too. So what do you do if your spouse gambled away your savings?... Read full article >>

Debt Management Program: How It Works

See step by step how a debt management program works to help you decide if it's the right debt solution for you. Ready to enjoy debt freedom? Call us at 1-888-287-3073 to speak to a credit counsellor today!... Read full article >>

What to do if you’ve been a victim of fraud

There is no shame in being a victim of fraud. It happens to everyone, even those who are vigilant or consider themselves financially savvy. because you are not alone,  fraudsters… Read full article

Steps to filing bankruptcy in Canada

When you are dealing with a massive debt load, one strategy is to declare bankruptcy. Here is an outline of the steps to filing bankruptcy in Canada.... Read full article >>

What are my debt options?

Wondering to yourself, what are my debt options? You may feel like they're limited but here are some debt relief options to consider.... Read full article >>

Bankruptcy vs consumer proposal

You may have heard the terms bankruptcy and consumer proposal as strategies to get out of debt in Canada. But should you go for a consumer proposal or bankruptcy? Let’s take a closer look at bankruptcy vs consumer proposal.... Read full article >>

Consumer Proposal: Advantages and Disadvantages

When paying your entire debt amount seems impossible, you may have other alternatives as options such as filing a consumer proposal. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of consumer proposals.... Read full article >>

What to do when debt collectors call

There is no denying the stress when debt collectors call. But ignoring calls will extend your problem and your stress.... Read full article >>

Millennials take note: Fraudsters are after you

If you're a millennial, you better open your eyes to potential fraud, because you are the demographic most highly targeted by fraudsters.... Read full article >>

House hunters need a checklist for their mortgage too

House hunters need a checklist for their mortgage too. Consolidated Credit explains.... Read full article >>

What do you know about your consumer rights?

Knowledge is power. Consolidated Credit explains what you need to know about your consumer rights.... Read full article >>