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Fight off financial fraud!

Fraud is a billion dollar industry in Canada. Consolidated Credit has tips to help consumers protect their identity and personal finances.... Read full article >>

Mid-year financial checkup

It is the middle of the year, it is time to re-evaluate your financial goals.... Read full article >>

Learn more, do more: Financial literacy and women

While women understand the necessity to close the workplace gender gap, a survey reveals they aren’t embracing the same approach in personal finance.... Read full article >>

Happily ever after? Your relationship and debt

Every relationship is built on open, honest communication. But when it comes to money, not all couples are willing to lay their cards on the table.... Read full article >>

Boxing Day Canada: A Budgetary Knock-Out Blow

The lure of Boxing Day sales is too great for many Canadians to ignore. But will the extra spending be the knock-out blow that puts us into holiday debt?... Read full article >>

Is Online Shopping Making You a Target?

More than half of Canadians are worried about identity theft, but this won't stop them from shopping online on Cyber Monday. Here are some tips to stay safe.... Read full article >>

Is Your Identity Safe?

Cyber crimes are happening more and more, and even major corporate websites are vulnerable. If it happens to you, here are six steps you can take.... Read full article >>

Getting your foot in the door as a first time home buyer

We all know that home ownership is un-affordable for many first-time buyers in Canada. Is it even possible to get your foot in the door?... Read full article >>

Falling Victim to Telephone Scams

A recent phone scam involves fraudsters posing as the tax man.... Read full article >>

Don’t Let Life Events Derail You into Debt

Odds are, you'll encounter a financial emergency at some point in life. It's probably a "when," not "if" situation. Are you taking the necessary financial precautions?... Read full article >>

Apple Pay is on its way

Excitement is brewing for Apple Pay's introduction to Canada, but financial experts worry it might just help Canadians spend when they shouldn't.... Read full article >>

Prevent Fraud!

Nearly one-third of Canadians report being victimized by financial fraud. March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada, and Consolidated Credit would like to lower that number.... Read full article >>

Boxing your Holiday Budget into a Corner

Hopefully, you spent the last few months spending wisely and making sure your holiday budget stayed on track. Don't let Boxing Day blow it!... Read full article >>

The Cost of Digital Cash

A recent report shows that more and more Canadians are open to digital payments, and are open to futuristic payment methods that are on the way. Unfortunately, this will make it a whole lot easier for retailers to separate consumers from their cash.... Read full article >>

Hey, Con Artist …SCRAM!

Canadians are increasing their vigilance when it comes to protecting themselves against credit card fraud. This change in behaviour has had positive results in the past few years.... Read full article >>

Know your score!

Is your credit rating costing you money? Find out how to review your credit report to repair your credit and improve your scores. With a better credit rating, you can get better interest rates and be in a better position to negotiate with potential credit... Read full article >>

5-Step Emergency Plan for Dealing with Debt

Consolidated Credit offers consumers suffering from severe financial distress because of credit card debt a way out.... Read full article >>

Don’t Let Debt Ruin Your Marriage

Marriage and debt. Don't let debt wreck your marriage. Consolidated Credit urges couples to disclose financial issues and clean their credit.... Read full article >>

Can You be Arrested for Debt?

Debt collectors are finding ways around the FDCPA and issuing warrants for failure to comply with court orders over unpaid credit card debt. What can you do?... Read full article >>

Where Does Your Money Go?

How Canadians spend their money and we go into detail about various ways to cut monthly costs to maximize your free cash flow.... Read full article >>