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Avoid Identity Theft

There's good reason to be scared about identity theft with all the ways for potential fraudsters to steal your info. Jeff explains how to stay protected.... Read full article >>

How to save money: Buying and selling in the second hand economy

Wondering how to save money and be able to stretch your budget further? Buy whatever you can used and sell your unwanted items to boost your income.... Read full article >>

Student debt keeping you up at night?

Student debt is a reality that many Canadian millennials endure in the pursuit of higher education and is what’s keeping them up at night.... Read full article >>

Parents: curb your own spending to help your kids avoid debt

Debt loads are ramping up instead of down, which is preventing parents from saving adequately to help their kids avoid their student debt.... Read full article >>

Don’t wear your financial heart on your sleeve; Dealing with financial heartache

Romance scams i.e. financial heartache are among the top grossing scams in the country, with $ 12 million in losses reported by Canadians.... Read full article >>

Feeling the pinch at the pump? Dealing with soaring gas prices

Tired of rising gas prices? Learn how you can cope with Consolidated Credit's tips!... Read full article >>

Feeling lucky with your debt? Don’t! Work hard and pay off your debt

You don't need lady luck to take care of your debt, you need to take it into your own hands. Consolidated Credit explains.... Read full article >>

Don’t Let March Break Bust Your Finances

March Break is coming! There is no need to go broke for March Break! Consolidated Credit has some tips to help you have a frugal spring break this year.... Read full article >>

Mortgage fraud hurts the borrower

Consolidated Credit explains the devastating effects of mortgage fraud.... Read full article >>

It’s too much debt already!

Retail sales dropped 0.5 per cent last December. Consolidated Credit examines whether rising debt levels are to blame.... Read full article >>

How inflation will impact your family’s budget

Inflation can wreak havoc on your budget if you don't account for it, Consolidated Credit explains.... Read full article >>

Scared of the mail? Dealing with January bills

Some Canadians may be scared to open their January credit card bills. Consolidated Credit offers tips to help consumers manage the strain.... Read full article >>

Self-employed? Work part time or on contract? Set up a pension plan!

Entrepreneurs have to work twice as hard to save for their future. Consolidated Credit offers tips to help you reach your savings goals!... Read full article >>

Canadian debt on the rise

A new report from Statistics Canada says household credit market debt (consumer credit, and mortgage and non-mortgage loans) are on the rise for Q3 2016.... Read full article >>

Shopping for teacher gifts? Better leave the gift cards at home

Are you stressed out trying to find the perfect for your child's teacher? Don't be! We have some easy-to-follow tips to help you find the perfect gift.... Read full article >>

Stores ‘showrooms’ for online buyers

Many consumers may feel overwhelmed during the holidays; Consolidated Credit's executive director shares his insight to Toronto Sun reporter: Jenny Yuen.... Read full article >>

Fighting the consumer debt in Canada

New statistics from Equifax indicate more and more Canadians are going broke with consumer debt and delinquency rates rising.... Read full article >>

Dealing with debt during the holidays

Insolvencies are on the rise in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Consolidated Credit offers tips to help Canadians manage their holiday shopping this year.... Read full article >>

Online tools and budgeting apps to help you manage finances

Are you trying to get a grip on your financial goals? Well there's an app for that. Learn which apps can help you to reach your financial goals.... Read full article >>

Online shopping is taking over the holidays

Consolidated Credit explains how mobile shopping is taking over the holidays.... Read full article >>