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You are not alone:

Reduce your total credit card payments by up to 30% to 50%

Find Relief in 3 Easy Steps

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Review your debts, budget and credit with a trained credit counsellor to see if you qualify for a debt management program and explore other options for relief, so you can avoid bankruptcy.

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Start as Soon as
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Take the time you need to decide. Once you are ready to enroll, we will call your creditors and work with them to lower your interest rates and stop late fees.

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Get Out of
Debt Faster

The program is easy! You make one payment to us each month, and we distribute the funds to your creditors on your behalf. You can be out of debt in as little as 36 months.

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I can’t explain how much…
I didn’t know help like this was out there! I can’t explain how much of a help this program is to me.
Been very helpful…
Been very helpful in getting out of debt and reducing interest payments. Very glad I found this program!
Exellent professional staff
Excellent professional staff and services providing peace of mind and debt relief!

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Feeling the financial effects of COVID-19?

Explore tips to protect your finances during this global pandemic

Debt Relief in Action

Review case studies from real debt management program graduates to see how credit counselling helped them find debt relief through credit consolidation. Working with a trained credit counsellor can reduce or eliminate interest charges and lower your total payments by up to 30-50%

See debt consolidation in action »

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Free Financial Education Resources and Outreach Programs

Don’t waste time and energy hunting down the answers you need to your top debt and credit questions. Ask Consolidated Credit’s team of trained credit counsellors so you can get answers you can trust so that you meet financial challenges head-on. Browse past questions or send us your question and we’ll get you an answer without delay!

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If you’re a visual learner, infographics offer an easy way to understand complex financial topics and trends in consumer statistics. Whether you need to know how credit scores work or you want to see how your finances stack up versus the average Canadian household, these infographics can help you get a clear picture of your finances.

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At Consolidated Credit, we believe in giving back to our community to help those who are less fortunate. Learn about Consolidated Credit’s latest efforts to support charities and fundraising initiatives across Canada, from employee fundraising campaigns to team volunteering.

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Consolidated Credit recognizes the challenges that working class Canadians face, and how these challenges impact productivity in the workplace. That’s why we help businesses and organizations craft customized financial wellness programs, to help employees build financial literacy.

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