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Youʼre not alone.
Youʼre not alone. 
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There are a number of debt solutions out there. But the average Canadian might not have the financial expertise to wade through the options and choose the one that best fits. This section will help you determine the best option for your individual situation.

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Credit Card

Using credit cards doesn’t mean you have to accumulate debt. When used correctly, credit cards can be an effective tool that can be part of your financial strategy. This section is designed to give you easy access to information to get out of credit card debt.

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This section of our website covers personal finance from A to Z. You’ll find information and advice on budgeting and saving, get access to useful financial calculators and information on how to get ahead and maximize your overall financial outlook.

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You probably have a lot of questions about credit card debt and debt consolidation so we created this FAQ section to answer any questions you might have about debt relief and management. Send us your questions and one of our experts will get back to you with answers!

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Profiles of Success

We talk to clients and alumni of Consolidated Credit’s debt management program to learn how it helped them achieve stability. These stories show you’re not alone when it comes to facing challenges with debt. With the right help, you can overcome any obstacle to find relief.

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Consolidation in Action

We look at case studies from real clients who’ve had real success with a debt management program. View our interactive map to see how enrolling in a debt management program has has helped millions of Canadians facing the same challenges with debt that you face.

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Helpful Infographics

Infographics offer you an easy visual way to understand complex financial topics and important consumer statistics. Whether you need help to understand how credit scores work or you want to see how your budget stacks up to the average Canadian Household, these infographics can help you get a clear picture of your financial life.

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Ask the Experts

If you have a financial question, we’re here to help! Get expert advice and easy-to-understand answers to your toughest financial questions so you can meet financial challenges head-on.

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In the Community

Whether delivering free financial education programs to community groups across the country, or proudly contributing to charities, we are committed to providing a helping hand wherever we can.

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Corporate Financial Wellness

Consolidated Credit offers customized financial wellness programs for your business or organization. Help your employees, members or customers find financial success with a range of free resources, from interactive courses and calculators, to self-help guides.

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