How-to Guides for Personal Finance

Find the help you need with these detailed How-to guides built to educate, empower, and save you money.

As easy as it can be to get into debt, getting out is difficult by comparison. There is no cookie-cutter approach to reaching financial freedom. Whether you’re looking to set up a budget, pay down your credit fast, or just understand your money better, we’ve got a guide for that.

Use our library of how-to guides below to learn better spending habits, manage your finances, and get out of debt on your own terms.

How to Get Out of Debt

If you’re struggling to pay off high interest rate credit card debt, this guide will help you develop a plan to get out of debt in three steps and weigh your options for debt relief.

Get Out of Debt

How to Consolidate Debt

Debt consolidation allows you to combine different debts into one monthly payment at the lowest interest rate possible. Learn how to consolidate even if you have bad credit.

Consolidate Now

How to Rebuild Credit

Facing challenges with debt can be tough on your credit score. Learn how to rebuild your credit to achieve a better score after you’ve faced financial hardship.

Start Rebuilding

How to Reduce Debt

There are two ways to prioritize credit card balances for repayment. Learn how to pay off your balances strategically to save money and eliminate debt faster.

Cut Your Balances

How to Live Debt-Free

Maintaining a debt-free lifestyle is possible, even on a limited budget. Learn how to achieve the balance you need to live a life without the burden of debt.

Live without Debt

How to Manage Debt

There’s a certain art to managing debt that allows you to save money and make it easier to avoid financial hardship. Learn how to manage debt strategically.

Manage Your Debt

How to Start Your Credit History

If you’re new to using credit in Canada, you don’t yet have a credit score. This guide will help you start building credit the right way.

Start Building

How to Become Financially Secure

Financial security means that your finances can weather unexpected events without a need for you to take on more debt. Learn how.

Take Control

How to Transfer a Credit Card Balance

Learn how to use a balance transfer credit card to roll credit card balances into a one payment and pay off the debt interest-free.

Transfer Your Debt