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Consolidated Credit’s executive director, Jeff Schwartz, is an expert in the financial industry with over 26 years of experience as a business and community leader. As the head of Consolidated Credit, a non-profit organization that has helped over 500,000 Canadians get out of debt, Jeff is well aware of the roots of financial trouble, and he also knows the best ways to get back on track.

In this section, Jeff answers questions from consumers just like you; real people with real financial problems. The answers and advice he provides below can give you valuable insight into your own issues.

If you have a question of your own and would like Jeff’s advice on best financial practices, e-mail Jeff will address your questions and post the answers right here, because if you are asking, chances are someone else is asking too!


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Can I go to Jail for Unpaid Debt?

Can I go to Jail for Unpaid Debt? I have accumulated a lot of credit card debt and have fallen behind on my payments. I’m doing my best, but I can’t keep up. I’m starting to get calls from collection agencies and I’m getting worried...Read full article

Ask the Expert: Can credit card debt put a lien on your home?

Can Credit Card Debt Put a Lien on Your Home? The short answer is yes, creditors are able to put a lien against your home if they get a judgement from the court. In the event that you don’t repay, technically they could take some of the proceeds on your home from a sale in order to get the money that you owe them...Read full article

Do You Need Credit to Buy a House?

Do you need credit to buy a house? A mortgage loan is usually a substantial amount of money and the lender has to be able to gauge their risk when lending money to you. While the debt is secured against the value of the home...Read full article

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