Profiles of Debt Success

Personal stories of overcoming problems with debt and finding the right financial path.

Think you’re alone when it comes to your debt problems? You’re not. Debt problems affect people from every walk of life. Whether your problems were caused by unexpected life events or just by your own lack of financial education or planning, there’s a solution out there that can help you get back on the right track.

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She was just a teenager when her debt problems began… “Debt became a problem for me for various reasons. I was living in an expensive city and supporting myself from… Read full article


“I thought maybe this is not the right time,” he says, “but my wife insisted.” Eugene was told he was ineligible for a mortgage. “We were not approved,” he laughs…. Read full article


“I spent recklessly,” Tricia recalls. “I didn’t buy many big-ticket items, but I would buy all kinds of clothes and electronics when I went shopping – and the debt slowly… Read full article

Marjorie R.

“When my first husband passed away, I got behind in paying the bills, and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it,” she says. “I was raising four teenaged children,… Read full article

Robert B.

“My wife and I were only married for 18 months,” the Winnipeg resident says. “During that time, she racked up the bills and didn’t pay them off. I was ‘Mr…. Read full article

Tanya H.

Her debt problem started when school ended “Debt became a problem when I had graduated from university. I moved across the country and started working at a temp agency but I could only… Read full article

Jacques M.

Borrowing ballooned… “As soon as I started my career with the Federal Government, I acquired a credit card from the bank and at the time I thought it was great. Over the… Read full article


Kathy was a victim of confusing wants and needs… “Debt became a problem simply by living beyond my means; always thinking I “needed” stuff, when it turned out to be merely… Read full article

Peter & Debra

Two unexpected events changed their lives… “In January 2002, due to the soft wood lumber duties imposed on Canadian lumber by the U.S.A, the lumber mill I had worked at… Read full article

Kelly J.

Debt snuck up on her… “Debt became a problem roughly 10 years ago. I went through a bad breakup, moved to a more expensive apartment, had a leased car, and was only… Read full article