Client Profile: Debt Cost Robert His Marriage and His Health

Robert B. Client Profile Graphic

“My wife and I were only married for 18 months,” the Winnipeg resident says. “During that time, she racked up the bills and didn’t pay them off. I was ‘Mr. Wallet’ to her, but love was blind. I was being used and didn’t want to face that reality.”

Robert even put a $12,000 down payment on a house. When the marriage collapsed, he lost that, too. That much calamity over such a short time took its toll.

“I was hospitalized for three weeks after our divorce,” Robert says. ‘My weight was down to 100 pounds. I was physically and emotionally in terrible condition. I tried so hard to keep the marriage alive but changed my perspective while I was sitting alone in that hospital room.”

Robert decided right then he was going to pay off his debts, but reality got in the way once again. He was only making the minimum payments on his credit cards, and the interest kept piling up. He simply didn’t make enough money at his job as a residential care worker.

“I was broke,” he says. “I used to go to the missions in Winnipeg where they offer people free meals. I literally didn’t have enough money to eat. It was an awful time during my life.”

Robert struggled with his debt…

He lived with a close friend who was also going through a divorce, so it made it that much harder for Robert – reliving his own nightmare divorce.

That scenario lasted more than 20 years, because Robert didn’t know where to turn for help paying off his bills. He soon left his friend’s house and became caretaker of a building where he began living.

Fast-forward to 2008…

“I started seeing TV ads and ads in the local paper for Consolidated Credit,” Robert recalls. “I suddenly realized that there was a company willing to help me organize my bills in a professional manner and pay them off.”

He found Consolidated Credit when he needed it most.

“I was at the end of my wits,” he says. “I called Consolidated Credit and they helped me get my life back and my dreams back. They are kind and genuine people. They taught me to better organize my money and how to live without credit cards.”

Robert learned his lesson and in March of 2013 he became officially debt free.

Is Debt Ruining Your Marriage and Health?

If you want to be debt free and live a better life use a trained credit counsellor to help pay your bills in an efficient manner. Or you can call Consolidated Credit Canada at 1-888-294-3130 for a free consultation or get started online with a request for a Free Debt Analysis.