Who We Are

Consolidated Credit is many things to many people

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc. is a national non-profit credit counselling organization that educates consumers about personal finance and has helped over 500,000 Canadians tackle their debt.

Consolidated Credit’s unbiased debt-counselling service offers alternatives to help people get their debts under control. Alongside consolidating payments, Consolidated Credit’s counsellors focus on education and understanding. Strategies include teaching basic, but vital concepts, such as how to budget, understanding credit, and how to manage money.

Consolidated Credit offers a free web-based budget and debt analysis tool. Here on our website, you’ll find a variety of education resources to help with debt management, the proper use of credit cards, and improving your financial literacy.

Our mission:

To assist individuals and families throughout Canada in engaging financial crises and debt management problems through education and professional counselling.

Our core values:

  • To continuously improve what we offer to our clients, creditors and team, by confronting reality, embracing change, learning, testing and evolving.
  • To listen and seek to understand our clients, creditors and team members.
  • To make a different in the lives of our clients, regardless of income level, geographic location or financial concern.
  • To conduct ourselves at the highest level of professionalism in all we do, upholding a work ethic of responsibility, accountability, resourcefulness, diligence and integrity.
  • To maintain an environment of entrepreneurial spirit by looking and acting, with a long-term view, owning our actions, focusing on results and being passionate about everything we do.
  • To be the best in creating value for our clients and creditors, in retaining and recruiting people for our organization, in life-long learning and committing to excellence.
  • To protect our clients; their dignity, sense of self-worth, integrity, right to make their own choices and privacy.

Strategic Direction

It’s a new year, and a new opportunity for Consolidated. In our first decade we’ve learned a tremendous amount, and now it’s time to put our experience into action. As we enter the first year of this plan, we will outline several initiatives we have already commenced and others we are planning to develop. A summary of these initiatives and where advancement still needs to take place is below.

  • Funding for our programs and initiatives is critical to our success. Stakeholders continue to show their support for the important work being done through our agency. As always, we continue to seek new opportunities for funding to mitigate risk and secure our future so that we can continue to provide these vital services.
  • Competition in this segment of supporting consumers in their quest for debt relief is high. We strive to be the first point of contact with consumers struggling with debt, but it’s not always the case. Lenders and debt relief consultants seeking to sell their products often lead the pack with their marketing campaigns raising the cost of public awareness.
  • The competitive environment has forced us to analyze our client base and come up with new and innovative ways to reach consumers first with appropriate messaging.
  • There is significant room for improvement in reaching consumers through organic means. To that end, we have relaunched our website, in 2018, and will also go through a face lift in Q4 2018. This will enhance the user experience and enable them to reach relevant content easier with less clicks. Additional educational platforms, including KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education) have been launched to great success, raising engagement with Canadian consumers. We will continue to invest in and promote these avenues in Q4 2018 and into 2019.
  • Consumer awareness/protection legislation continues to evolve and has had little effect on our organization (as was expected). Given this strong economy, the impact of regional disparity in Canada has been limited. We are carefully watching retention, capacity to pay, debt levels, and inquiries in an effort to identify trends.
  • We have increased the number of counsellors to the suggested amount and this has had a positive impact on our service levels. Training/Recruiting is producing better candidates and this is showing in how we are working with consumers. Counsellor education, development and certification will to continue in order to provide the best possible consumer experience. We continue to increase the size of our counselling team to meet consumer demand for our services.
  • Additional areas of counselling will continue to be developed as the needs present themselves. Consumers requiring specialized counselling tailored to their specific needs has risen over the years, and we will respond to their needs.
  • Continued emphasis on initiatives, industry relationships and leading innovation will contribute to raising the profile of Consolidated with all stakeholders.
  • Re-accreditation will take place in early January 2019. Preparations will begin for this process in the Spring of 2018.

Description Of The Strategic Direction Process

The Strategic Planning Process is an ongoing process designed to maintain a focus on the organization’s vision and goals. Consolidated Credit develops a full and comprehensive plan every 3 years followed by annual updates if necessary. The Executive Director develops a working plan in conjunction with all senior staff members and reviews all aspects of the organization. This is then presented to the Board of Directors for discussion and their approval of the final document. Once approved, the Executive Director communicates the plan to all senior staff and they convey the vision and goals to their staff.

Call us anytime at 1-888-294-3130 and we’ll answer all of your credit counselling questions. You can also try taking our Free Debt Analysis to see where you stand. If we can help you get out of debt, we will!