Who We Are

Consolidated Credit is many things to many people

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc. is a national non-profit credit counselling organization that educates consumers about personal finance and has helped over 500,000 Canadians tackle their debt.

Consolidated Credit’s unbiased debt-counselling service offers alternatives to help people get their debts under control. Alongside consolidating payments, Consolidated Credit’s counsellors focus on education and understanding. Strategies include teaching basic, but vital concepts, such as how to budget, understanding credit, and how to manage money.

Consolidated Credit offers a free web-based budget and debt analysis tool. Here on our website, you’ll find a variety of education resources to help with debt management, the proper use of credit cards, and improving your financial literacy.

Our mission:

To assist individuals and families throughout Canada in engaging financial crises and debt management problems through education and professional counselling.

Our core values:

  • To continuously improve what we offer to our clients, creditors and team, by confronting reality, embracing change, learning, testing and evolving.
  • To listen and seek to understand our clients, creditors and team members.
  • To make a different in the lives of our clients, regardless of income level, geographic location or financial concern.
  • To conduct ourselves at the highest level of professionalism in all we do, upholding a work ethic of responsibility, accountability, resourcefulness, diligence and integrity.
  • To maintain an environment of entrepreneurial spirit by looking and acting, with a long-term view, owning our actions, focusing on results and being passionate about everything we do.
  • To be the best in creating value for our clients and creditors, in retaining and recruiting people for our organization, in life-long learning and committing to excellence.
  • To protect our clients; their dignity, sense of self-worth, integrity, right to make their own choices and privacy.

Call us anytime at and we’ll answer all of your credit counselling questions. You can also try taking our Free Debt Analysis to see where you stand. If we can help you get out of debt, we will!