Credit Ninja: Managing Debt

Learn how to defend against debt problems and manage debt strategically.

Credit can be an extremely useful tool for expanding your empire. But the debt it brings with it can destabilize your realm. In order to avoid financial hardship, you must know how to control your debt, lest it starts to control you. With the right strategy, you can use credit to support financial stability, instead of allowing debt to put it at risk.

Through this debt management course, the Credit Ninja will show you how to make strategic choices that allow you to maintain control over debt. You’ll learn:

  • The connection between credit and debt, and key types of credit you need to know
  • What a debt-to-income ratio is and how it helps you maintain stability
  • Specific tricks for managing and eliminating credit card debt
  • How to spot the early warning signs of debt trouble, so you can act quickly to cut off potential problems

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have the knowledge you need to manage debt effectively to minimize the threat of debt problems.

Let’s craft an effective defense plan against debt!