Canadians hate shopping and extravagance – and winter driving

Is it the most wonderful time of the year, or the worst? That depends on what you ask Canadians about.

For instance, 8 in 10 hate driving in the winter, according to a new survey by a Christian charity called World Vision. But more importantly, most of us also hate extravagant gifts (69 percent) and even shopping (52 percent).

On the other hand, nearly all Canadians (94 percent) love giving meaningful gifts, which is a great reminder to keep your spending in line this holiday season. In fact, Canadians can include these other things we love about the holidays as reminder to curb spending – according to the survey…

  • Spending time with family (94 percent)
  • Eating (93 percent)
  • Joy of the season (90 percent)
  • Feeling good about giving to charity (87 percent)

You can gift charitable donations to organizations or causes friends care about, or take the family out for a big meal instead of buying fancy gifts. Want more frugal ways to enjoy the season with your family? Consolidated Credit has several ideas in Low-Cost Family Fun for the Holidays.

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