Success Category: Budgeting

One of the key factors in your financial success is the ability to create and maintain and accurate household budget. Good budgeting helps you avoid problems with debt, save money and reach your financial goals. The following success stories come from real clients of Consolidated Credit who have needed help learning better ways to manage their money. If you have questions or would like more information, call us today at 1-888-294-3130 for a free debt and budget evaluation with a trained credit counsellor or get started online with a request for a Free Debt Analysis.


Allison L.

Our family is thankful to Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada for all the help you’ve provided to us along our journey to a debt-free life. We have learned through living on a strictly cash budget how to truly appreciate the value of a dollar and how to find ways to have fun even without spending money. We made a commitment to our children to be a good example for them with respect to money and the value we place on living within our means.

Consolidated Credit has played a huge role in our success with budgeting and getting our debt repayments on track. Our 5-year old already knows the value of a dollar and the importance of savings. He has recently opened a bank account for saving his money. I think we are leading by example and our children are going to benefit from this for their futures.

Thanks to you for all you’ve done in helping our family!

Allison L.


Budgeting Client

My experience with Consolidated Credit has been a good one. Over the past year my budget has balanced every month and I actually have more than $10 a week for groceries. I can see each month that what the balance is left on each of the items I have in the program. Going from an out of control expense to one payment and my debt reduced by over $3000 in a year is more than anything I could have expected.

My goal is to have these debts paid off in the next 3 years. My car is not doing well and I will need to get another one by the time this program is done. If these payments are not hurting my budget now then when this is all over I can get my first real asset and possibly purchase a new car.

This past month my daughter got married and with the budget and savings over the last year I was able to help her with some minor expenses, e.g. I hand made all her bouquets, corsages & boutonnières. I was also able to purchase a new dress for the occasion. I have attached a picture of my family, Myself, My son-in law, my daughter and my son.

Thank you very much to Consolidated for all the tools and skills I have learned.