Phil S.

Phil S. – Financial success following an illness

Up until 2007, Phil enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle with a solid income.
Financial stress
was not part of the equation; life was good. However, things
took a sudden turn for the worse, and Phil found himself without a job and buried
in debt. Here is his story, in his own words…

No trouble paying the bills…

Prior to 2007 I owned a house and several
credit cards. I had a full time job that paid quite well. I could easily
pay all bills that came in. In 2007 I was diagnosed with a disease and became disabled.

Illness changed everything…

Once I was diagnosed, things changed. Gone was the job and security that comes with
it, and I could no longer afford my house and make payments to my credit cards.
I became depressed and started to take chances at gambling.

Depression took hold…

The depression grew and so did my spending – I was starting to rob Peter to
pay Paul. I was depressed, I had trouble sleeping and I was worried. I was afraid
every time the phone rang.

He tried different options…

Over the course of two years, I tried to get ahold of things. I was $35,000 in
unsecured debt
. I was told if I withdrew my savings, I would be able to
get a secured loan from a financial institution. I did this but was denied… and
then I spent the cash.

It was time to seek help…

My sister saw what I was going through and said I should try
credit counselling
and showed me the ads in the Yellow Pages. Consolidated
Credit gave the most info and so I gave them a call. They treated me like a human
being and not like a number; they were empathetic.

The results were life-changing…

Everyone that I dealt with was understanding, empathic and helped me get through
the first few troubling months to help me reach my goal. Now, I do not spend more
than I can afford. I do not own credit cards. These days, I can sleep and I am not
in fear of the phone or mailman. I am able to live.

Consolidated Credit to the rescue…

I can honestly say that if it were not for Consolidated Credit and its wonderful
employees… well, they saved my life. It was a dark time for me. I would not hesitate
to refer anyone to go to Consolidated Credit before going anywhere else.